About Us
We, www.fhogfe.icu, are the primary leader in providing tonnage positions and open cargo information as well as its full contact details. 
Currently, we have over 10,000 owners, operators, brokers and agents worldwide sending us over 1,500 fresh ships and 1,800-2,000 cargo and tonnage offers every day and we have hundreds of paying clients worldwide. Most of them do grasp many business opportunites with our assitance. Expanding channels to do business with more ship/cargo owners is essential for brokers. We are proud many deals are made under our assistance since established.
Once you become our paying client, we'll offer you the firm open tonnage/cargo offer. With our service, you will always know whose vessels are sailing in your trading areas and never miss any good open tonnage on the market! 
It's great to go with you all in shipping business.

www.fhogfe.icu's Team