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TS Lines

TS-Lines-100.png      TS Lines - a fourth larges ocean freight in Taiwan.


   TS Lines was established on July 6, 2001.  At time of establishment, TS Line immediately became a full service company with complete teams of personnel in documentation, operations, and financial management.  This has propelled TS Line to the fourth larges ocean freight company in Taiwan shortly following its creation.  Although TS Lines came onto the scene during an economic recession, the company took advantage of its flat organizational structure and its experienced and energetic employees to lower operating costs and maintain profitability throughout the recession. 

 The main operating model for TS Line is based on freightliner operations.  This strategy allows container ships to be operated based on scheduled timeframes and routine ports.  The company is able to grow steadily and can differentiate itself from competitors that rent out their ships and routes on a case-by-case business model.


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